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Perkins is one of the leading manufacturers of diesel and gas engines in the world. Perkins is a global company with many manufacturing sites in various countries and HQ in Peterborough, UK.

Since the business was founded by Frank Perkins in 1932, it has produced more than 20 million engines that became a hart for various machines and equipment. At present Perkins is part of Caterpillar group and one of the best known brands in the industry.

Electric generators sets, diesel pumps, loaders, excavators, tractors, vessels, pavers and many other applications are powered by Perkins engines all over the world.

Hitec Exports Ltd is the official distributor of Perkins Engines Ltd. We supply engines, parts and tools.

Perkins is not only the manufacturer, but also a global network of distributors all over the world, trained engineers and technicians, workshops. Wherever you are - you will find a local official high quality support.

Perkins produce engines in almost all parts of our planet: Peteborough and Stafford (UK - Europe), Wuxi (China - Asia), Aurangabad and Hosur (India - Asia), Seguin and Griffin (USA - North America), Curitiba (Brazil - South America).

All factories, distributors and dealers are working according to standards and procedures set by Perkins to keep consistently high level of quality and support in each part of the world.

Perkins global network

Perkins engines range is covering most of market needs and provides reliable and efficient solutions from 8 up to 2200 kW. There are few different series and platforms suitable for different types of applications:

Perkins engines range
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